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Unsworth Global Logistics have been our logistics provider for the past 12 years. Their service has been fantastic throughout this time...

...and as such, I am happy to recommend them as a trusted shipping partner.

We specialise in supplying a comprehensive range of high-quality communication cables to the UK technology and communication sector, which are distributed throughout the country.

UGL are responsible for ensuring that our stock levels are always able to meet our customers demand. UGL helped us to import full containers from our suppliers in the Far East.

Their competitive pricing options and sailing schedules allow us to co-ordinate our arrivals with the strict space allocations of our warehouses. Their clearance department ensure that notifications, deliveries, and invoicing are seamlessly integrated into our own operations.

We have always found that what Unsworth do and what they can offer matches with our way of doing business."

Lee Taylor, Quing Cables

Their attention to detail, their staff's knowledge and willingness to educate, their commitment and belief in providing outstanding service has been a great asset to our won operations."

"As we enter the new year, I will take this opportunity to endorse in writing our complete satisfaction with the service Unsworth Global Logistics provides. Their attention to detail, their staff's knowledge and willingness to educate, their commitment and belief in providing outstanding service has been a great asset to our won operations.

We use UGL to consolidate multi-vendor orders originating in South America. From there they are shipped as full container loads to our premises in the UK. Because our products come from relatively new markets, UGL were not only responsible for organising the shipping and clearance, but also in educating our suppliers in the correct procedures of international trade. By designing and implementing these procedures with our vendors, we found that UGL were able to reduce the overall transit time from seller to buyer. As such, we were able to reduce our stock holdings as we had the assurance that our good could be here when they were required.

Speed and communication are paramount to our business. I can recommend UGL's network of overseas partners as continuing these important elements beyond the UK.I have no hesitation in recommending UGL as a solid service provider as they really understand our needs."

Martin Kemp, Supernutrients