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Understanding and communication are vital components to the success of our logistics service. Over the past 41 years, Unsworth Global Logistics has developed long standing relationships, both locally and globally, with an unsurpassed range of uniquely skilled partners. We handpick partners who are in tune with the market, helping to bring industry ideas and solutions to you. Our promise of partnership and integrity is at the core of our values and success. Our partners embrace a sharing of data and internal corporate goals to ensure maximum efficiencies and savings. This allows both teams to collectively establish joint initiatives, which will have a far greater project impact and opportunity for success.

Unsworth Global Logistics retains a large portfolio of sea and air professionals on hand to provide information, knowledge and options to meet your specific objectives. Equipped with an intimate understanding of your supply chain requirements in virtually every corner of the globe, we draw from a range of sea and air freight products, supplementary services, space allocations, scheduling and rates that fit your precise objectives. Our partners are carefully selected to ensure they always offer you outstanding levels of service. All main partners are regularly visited by senior account management staff to promote business, assess performance and better understand local markets.

"Long-term partnerships deliver greater value than transactional ones"


Our valued partners from around the globe provide customers with the reassurance of local expertise: 

Tried and Trusted

We invest time and energy to find like-minded companies and nurture our relationships with them. 

Global Network, Local Expertise and Overseas Offices

Unsworth Global Logistics is purpose built to do business on a global basis. As such we are a multi-cultural brand with offices and complete logistics services throughout the world. Whilst our European headquarters is deeply rooted in the UK, our group consists of over 120 offices, in more than 60 countries across the globe.

Expanding Network

In this competitive environment, we are constantly reviewing and assessing partner performance and opportunities. We are always open to new development opportunities and changes.

Mutual benefits

We believe increased connectivity is important in the logistics industry. Being better connected allows us to offer the best services and rates to our customers. As a company we strive to build lasting partnerships, of benefit to both parties and to the industry as a whole.

Why Unsworth Global Logistics?

We're one of the largest freight forwarding companies in the UK, and are constantly expanding our network. Partnering with us will provide you with a valuable UK-based contact. Our partners are important to our business and we pride ourselves on establishing a high standard of industry relationships and contacts.

If you would like more information on becoming a partner of Unsworth Global Logistics, please do not hesitate to contact us  and we would be more than happy to assist you.