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Letters of Credit

Do you need assistance with your letter of credit?




We provide assistance in quickly and accurately completing documents required to comply with international letters of credit (UCP600).

Did you know that as many as 70 per cent of document sets lodged with banks following shipment are rejected on first presentation because of non-compliance with the letter of credit.

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Benefits of UGL's Letter of Credit (UCP600) Service:

Our Letter of Credit Presentation services are designed to provide our clients with the following benefits:

  • Help avoid any penalty charges due to errors in presentation of letter of credit
  • Significantly improved cash flow due to efficient negotiation of documentary credits with the issuing banks (normally within 24 hours of presentation)
  • As the seller, you benefit from prompt payment of the goods, with any interest accruing for your account
  • Timely delivery of your product to your end customer, within agreed delivery times
  • Reduced working capital cycle due to prompt receipt of funds on complying with Letters of Credit 

There are several key reasons that you may want to use a letter of credit:

  1. The seller and buyer are not known and neither is there any knowledge about the willingness and ability to pay.
  2. The seller wishes to offer extended credit terms to be able to finance the debt created.
  3. Economic and political conditions create instability.

Unsworth Global Logistics has significant experience providing clients assistance with letters of credit (UCP 600) worldwide, to destinations including the Middle East, Far East and South America.

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Any doubts about your Letters of Credit presentation? 

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